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Primestar Digital Network broadcast Annual Holiday Parade for the City of Lake Worth Beach, FL

Broadcast Your Event in Near Real-Time with Our Livestreaming Services

Primestar Digital Network, Broadcasting Lake Worth Beach Holiday Parade

As a leading provider in the industry, our company specializes in delivering premium onsite livestreaming and broadcasting services to event producers, TV networks, and sporting events. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we understand the importance of seamlessly connecting audiences with captivating live experiences. Through our advanced capabilities, we enable near real-time delivery of content to various platforms including social media sites, OTT applications, and TV networks. Our experienced team of professionals possess unmatched expertise in the field of broadcasting technology, ensuring that every aspect of your event is flawlessly captured and transmitted with utmost precision. From setting up state-of-the-art equipment to managing intricate technical processes behind the scenes, we guarantee a seamless streaming experience for both viewers and organizers alike. 

Premium Audio / Video onsite Livestreaming services

Lake Worth Beach, FL 2022 Holiday Parade, broadcast on YouTube and Facebook


We understand how important it is for your message to be seen and heard by your audience in the best quality possible.


Our High Definition Video service promises to provide you with ultra high-definition recordings that will look amazing on any device.


We have a team of experts that utilize network television cameras, ensuring that your video content is produced at the highest level of industry standards.


We offer professional audio services to ensure that your broadcast sound great. Our services ensure loudness, consistency, punch and clarity, allowing your viewers to experience the full potential of your audio.


Our services meet the prerequisites of major platforms such as YouTube, Apple, Amazon and AES, so you can be sure that your broadcast will sound great on any device, from ear buds to home theatre systems.


Closed Captioning Service Provider

As content becomes more accessible to a wider audience, Closed Captioning is increasingly important in connecting viewers. As a professional service provider, we can ensure your compliance with Closed Captioning 608/708 captioning in the United States. We offer both Open and Closed Captioning, AI captioning, and transcripts.


Our premium broadcasting services can provide you with professional broadcasting onscreen graphics, lower thirds, bugs, stats, scoreboards, and stingers for your livestream/ broadcast. To ensure that your broadcast blends seamlessly with other television programs, we use professional titling solutions and our technicians are experts at creating broadcast quality visuals.


Take your livestreams to the next level by SIMULTANEOUSLY live streaming vertically and horizontally. Connect with your audience on the platform of their choice in the aspect ratio of their preference. 


Need to add remote contributors to your livestream/ broadcast? Primestar Digital Network provides premium connectivity options via NewTek Talkshow VS-4000 and the LiveU remote contributor ecosytem. These Broadcast network compliant tools are television industry standard and will ensure that your audio visuals meet the most demanding criteria.



Premium Solutions for event producers

Livestreaming companies and solo operations can greatly benefit from the utilization of an onsite professional broadcast truck.
This state-of-the-art mobile control room takes care of all the heavy lifting, providing everything necessary to ensure that your livestream/ broadcast not only meets but exceeds your client's expectations.


Serving as a contribution truck, this remarkable vehicle allows your productions to tap into a multitude of capabilities, enabling you to upconvert your livestream to stunning 4K resolution. Moreover, it delivers flawless broadcast compliant audio, incorporates sophisticated Close Caption features seamlessly, and effortlessly integrates television-ready graphics that add an extra layer of professionalism and visual appeal.


But the benefits don't stop there; this independently powered onsite studio also acts as a redundant signal distribution system and recording resource – ensuring utmost reliability in capturing every moment of your event. With multiple layers of elastic internet powering its transmission capabilities, you can rest assured knowing that your livestream is reaching its destinations with ultra-low latency. The latest broadcast codecs are utilized alongside redundant encoders to guarantee optimal processing speed and efficiency at every step of the way.


In essence, by harnessing the power and versatility offered by an onsite professional broadcast truck, livestreaming companies can elevate their productions beyond imagination while leaving no stone unturned in delivering exceptional content experiences for their clients' audiences.


Your production team will benefit from Primestar Digital Network's Broadcast Truck. By upconverting your lower resolution signal while providing Premium audio processing and ultra-low latency, we can deliver your content to single or multiple destination endpoints, reliably, so that your viewers can use higher quality content on their 4K ready devices.


Does your livestreams have loudness issues? Does it lack clarity, punch, or dynamics? Our truck can act as your mobile control room to ensure that the levels of your broadcast are defined and optimum. It doesn't matter what audio format and dialog you use, we can get your levels to meet the requirements of major platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Apple, etc.



By leveraging our advanced resources, your content will reach its destination in near real time while utilizing advanced broadcast codecs. We use premium-level codecs such as SRT, NDI, HLS, H.265, and other technology that has become an industry standard in recent years. Clients will have the confidence that their content meets the prerequisites of their distribution outlets, resulting in a more robust viewing experience.

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