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Installation by Primestar Digital Network of Shure CVG18D microphones on Dais at the Town of Palm Beach Shores, FL


Primestar plays a vital role in the Governmental sector by providing professional services with the latest technology, to ensure that the municipality is getting forward-thinking technology while maximizing their budget.

In years past, typical Commission Chambers audio/video systems were outdated even at installation as the overall approach was that “it’s just a meeting room and as long as they can hear the speakers, everything is fine.” The ideology was furthered when viewers would watch Governmental programming on C-Span, and the Standard Definition video quality as well as the less than stellar audio was considered the norm. But as pro-sumer technology became more affordable, many municipalities became aware of technologies that could make their facilities more efficient and provide expanded capabilities.



City of Boynton Beach, FL City Commission Television production control room

Our professional team can fully manage your meetings audio and video needs to relieve staff of the additional responsibilities. 

Key Benefits:

*Reduction in staff overtime

*Relieve City Clerk of AV duties

*More robust Production

*Quality assurance of A/V levels, file      redundancy, and broadcast delivery

*Simulcast distribution of video to City owned / controlled assets 

*ADA / FCC / NAD knowledge



Live Open Captions, Live Closed Captions

If your organization is faced with compliance issues regarding ADA / FCC/ NAD , we can help!

We are experts in getting your livestreams / broadcast to your audience, to ensure that the public has the appropriate access to your programming so that they can be engaged. 
Closed Captioning isn't just for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, it is the preferred way of consuming dialog by a great percentage of millennials.

Additionally, Open and Closed Captioning is a great tool for areas whereas televisons are muted or surrounding ambient sound levels are greater than the source. 



City of Delray Beach, FL Annual Goal Setting meeting produced by Primestar Digital Network

Municipalities are now tasked with "taking their show on the road." This can put tremendous pressure on IT (Information Technology) departments to set up audio video systems in challenging environments that may not be properly suited for the type of production required.
Our team specializes in onsite and remote productions so that your vision is properly executed and that all moving components are in place before you go live! 

By contracting with Primestar Digital Network, your staff can remain focused on the critical needs of the City, while resting assured the Audio / Video component will be properly managed by a reliable vendor.


Information Technology Departments are overwhelmed with the day to day responsibilities of ensuring that a municipal entity remains online. In some cases, the duty level has expanded from the typical phone, computer, networking, and security protocols, to venturing beyond typical I.T. certifications and diving into live streaming and broadcasting.
This can place additional strain on the department, as it may be improperly staffed, and this additional skillset requirement can throttle down the workflow as continuing education courses may be required to ensure that the streamed audio visuals meet the expectation of leadership.
As a contracted services vendor, our team of highly trained broadcast professionals work directly with IT managers and support staff, to ensure that the audio visuals exceed expectations as well as ensuring that a file redundancy system is in place to meet municipal regulations.


City of Clewiston, Fl

Service needs:

City leaders feel that livestreaming to Facebook is the preferred way to communicate with the community as citizens are more engaged with the platform than most other means, and the City does not have live player capabilities on their website.

This poses a problem as Governmental livestreams are being closely monitored for live and VOD Closed Captioning. The city needed an affordable solution that would allow them to continue streaming to Facebook while adding live captions to become compliant.

Primestar Digital Network was contacted and provided a multilayer solution to ensure the immediate and expanded needs were met, at a much lower cost investment than 3rd party or add on hardware devices that performs partial needs.


"I have no complaints and have not heard of any complaints; everyone seems to be happy with Primestar’s service.”



Kathy Combass,
City of Clewiston, Florida Interim City Clerk



Darrian is the consummate professional in the field of recordation of Municipal meetings. He was able to bring modern technology into our much less than modern commission chamber. I highly recommend this company to help you in all your needs in recording government meetings.


  1. Responsiveness—Very important to the needs of the City during critical last-minute changes, issues, or request.

  2. Quality Production—staff professionalism, appearance, equipment should be of modern 1st Class that provides the latest results to the public.

  3. Options of Service—offer option packages to municipality so that they can see what the public dollar is being used for and have it in a format that’s professional to the degree that by eye contact you would not know the makeup of who owns Digital Network.

  4. Community Awareness/Involvement—paramount the provider understand the landscape of the community, the leaders, the players as we say to ensure they are objective and sometimes also being subjective to protect the client for adverse situations.

  5. For the City of Pahokee we have received excellent responses to our needs and to a more direct point other areas that we required expert advice(website etc.) those services were provided without billing which means the vendor has gone beyond the service contract to ensure the client is fulfilled. This strengthens the relationship and trust. The quality in production (what the public views during and after has been nothing short of magnificent especially when it’s above the grain of many more robust cities in the County.


The City Manager, elected officials, and many of the audience members made positive feedback on the improvements made to the quality of sound in that venue. I appreciate your help, and that of your tech, to get the system installed, configured, and then supported for that first meeting. We did have one ‘glitch’ where another meeting was being held and we were not there to troubleshoot the equipment in-person. We had previously connected the switch to the network and had the QU remote software installed on an old iPad. I was able to remote into it, saw that the main sound control was set down (almost off), and set it back to the normal position.

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